Blackjack is a card game that is commonly played in casinos and online casinos around the world.  The objective of the game is simple.  You need to beat the dealer in the race to 21 without going above that number.  This game is fun to play, and it is loaded with excitement and nice odds.  All you need to do is to become familiar with the rules of the game and also apply some basic strategies.


Blackjack Strategies in Online Casinos

First of all, for players who are interested in playing Blackjack, need to know the value of the cards used.  The number cards, meaning 2 to ten, are of the same value as their number.  Jacks,Queensand Kings are known as face cards and are equivalent to ten.  Aces have two values, one or eleven.  The suits of the cards are irrelevant to the game, so you don’t need to focus on this.

The second thing that you should learn is the value of your hand.  A combination of an ace and nine can bring you either ten or twenty.  Now, if your first two cards resulted in 21, you have blackjack.  If the dealer’s hand turns out to be a blackjack, all the other players will lose the round, including players whose hand is equivalent to 21.  If there is another player with a blackjack, then he and the dealer will be tied.

There are different types of hands in Blackjack.  There is the stiff hand, which means that you drew a value ranging from 12 to 16.  When you have a stiff hand, there is a chance that you might get busted which means that the total number of your hand will exceed 21.  Pat Hands, on the other hand, is when you have a value ranging from 17 and 21.  If your hand falls on this category, you should not draw a card anymore.  Soft hands occur when you draw an ace which, like mentioned earlier, can either be a one or an eleven.  This means that you have a bigger chance to draw additional cards without being busted.  A Hard hand, however, can include an ace or not.  When you draw a hard hand, the ace has only one option, and that is to have the value of 1, otherwise you will get busted.  A push simply means that you are tied.


Playing Blackjack Online

Playing Blackjack gives you four options, to hit, stand, split, or double.  Some online casinos even add taking insurance.  Hit means that you want another card.  Stand is what you need to choose when you are satisfied with your cards. Splitis usually done when you have two pairs of a certain number giving you additional chance of getting the blackjack and doubling your odds.  Double means that you have expectations of your cards and that you want to raise your bet.